High School Premier Election Series & Inauguration

Amazing program options to experience the election and inauguration of the President of the United States! 

High school students celebrating Presidential Inauguration in Washington, DC Shadow

Why just study history, when you can make it?

Close Up’s Premier Election Series provides three exciting programs offered only once every four yearsso don’t miss out! 

Close Up’s Premier Election Series not only gives students the chance to witness history as it unfolds, but also the opportunity to delve into the most important and poignant issues facing our nation. Like our Washington, DC Program, our Election Series brings students face-to-face with the people and institutions that impact policy decisions in and around Washington. They will also learn about our election process first-hand! As only Close Up can do, we draw upon our educational partnerships and nearly 50 years of experience to provide hands-on, interactive discussions with an emphasis on specific policy issues. These once-in-a-lifetime programs include: 



Washington, DC

Learn about American democracy first-hand during this in-depth exploration of the nation’s capital.

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Washington, DC & New York City

Examine the relationship between business and government with visits to two of America’s most important cities!

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Create Your Own Program

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience in DC and other historic sites on the east coast with this fully customizable program.

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Premier Election Series & Inauguration

Experience the excitement of the next presidential election and inauguration up close in Washington, DC!

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New Americans Program

Discover our nation’s diverse heritage on this DC program geared to immigrant and migrant students.

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Partner Programs

Explore these programs designed for individual students who want in-depth knowledge of specific policy issues.

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Washington, DC & Williamsburg

Better understand the evolution of American democracy with visits to our nation’s most historic cities.

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Asia Pacific Program 

Learn about the power of foreign policy through an international relations simulation in the heart of Hawaii!

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American Indian Focus Programs

Consider the issues facing Indian Country through one of three exclusive programs offered in the nation’s capital.

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